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South Park fans think the tragic fate of Eric Cartman was revealed 20 years ago-Robert Oliver-Entertainment – Metro

New episodes shed light on his future.

South Park fans think the tragic fate of Eric Cartman was revealed 20 years ago-Robert Oliver-Entertainment – Metro

Could Eric Cartman’s fate have already been sealed? (Picture: Paramount+/Kat Kaye)

The fate of South Park’s most iconic character, Eric Cartman, might have already been revealed over 20 years ago.

Cartman, known for being foul-mouthed and angry, is often South Park’s most reliable source of both social commentary and controversy.

His list of crimes and atrocities include feeding a bully his own parents, summoning Cthulu to flatten San Francisco, and pretending to have Tourette’s.

But in recent weeks, his bad temper and vindictive nature has seemingly caught up with him, with a sad fate apparently in store for the ageless 10-year-old.

Special episode South Park: The End of Obesity saw Cartman once again refuse the chance to change and grow as a person, and finished the episode isolated from his friends.

This has got fans of the show thinking about an episode from season six, titled My Future Self and Me, which was broadcast all the way back in 2002.

Cartman is offered the chance to change in the new South Park special (Picture: Paramount +)

In the episode, it’s revealed that Cartman could grow up to be a wealthy businessman if he chooses to change his ways and become a better person as he grows up.

Obviously, that doesn’t happen.

And in a later special episode, titled Post-Covid, it was again reinforced that Cartman could find peace through religion, community, and love.

That, obviously, doesn’t happen either.

In the real timeline of the future, Cartman went through life unemployed, becoming increasingly bitter and isolated, and eventually wound up completely alone.

The episode left Cartman feeling isolated from his friends (Picture: Comedy Central/Everett/REX/Shutterstock)

And it seems as though the most recent special episode, The End of Obesity, might be putting the blocks in place for that future.

On Twitter, a fan of the show, @Korvytron, said: ‘You could say Cartman’s trying to simultaneously keep normalcy while trying to make a change, all while dealing with contradicting feelings about how his friends will eventually know better and leave.

‘Long term, it wouldn’t surprise me if [the events in The End of Obesity] subconsciously drove Cartman to be nicer.’

South Park began in 1997, created by animators and writers Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and has subsequently run for 26 seasons, but has shown no signs yet of slowing down.

Over the last 27 years it has stoked up controversy and caused offence on numerous occasions – usually as a result of storylines involving Cartman.

South Park began 27 years ago, created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker (Picture: Getty)

Some episodes have been pulled over the years – season five episode three, titled Super Best Friends, from July 2001, featured a depiction of the Prophet Muhammad and was subsequently removed from the South Park website.

An earlier episode featured main character Stan being set on fire by his sister Shelley – that led to censorship over fears children would copy her behaviour.

In more recent years, South Park has broken up its usual scheduling with special episodes, such as the Post-Covid and Return of Covid Specials.

In the summer of 2022, two special episodes dedicated to The Streaming Wars were released, with Joining the Panderverse, Not Suitable for Children, and The End of Obesity forming a mini-trilogy in recent weeks.

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