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Lily Allen ‘ruthless’ for having sex with Miquita Oliver’s celebrity crush on purpose-Danni Scott-Entertainment – Metro

As Lily would say, That’s Not Fair.

Lily Allen ‘ruthless’ for having sex with Miquita Oliver’s celebrity crush on purpose-Danni Scott-Entertainment – Metro

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Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver have been best friends for years, so unsurprisingly there’s been some rocky moments along the way.

In a slightly uncomfortable moment on their podcast Miss Me?, Miquita called out the Smile singer for seducing and sleeping with the guy she had a crush on.

The 40-year-old presenter had once confided in Lily about an unnamed pop star she was besotted with – only for her best mate to fly to Japan to have sex with him.

While they can laugh about it now, the 39-year-old singer got a little red-faced in the clip posted by the BBC as Miquita recalled the moment she ‘sabotaged’ her.

‘I’d like to tell a story about when Lily Allen sabotaged me,’ the radio presenter announced to which her counterpart, now married to David Harbour, asked: ‘What?!’

Miquita ploughed on, stating: ‘There was a pop star in the early noughties, I found out that he fancied me. I told Lily that I liked him.’

Lily Allen once flew to Japan to ‘lock in’ with a man (Picture: Instagram/BBC Sounds)

Miquita Oliver had a crush on him at the time and was furious (Picture: Instagram/BBC Sounds)

However, she soon discovered her friend was not supportive of this crush as Lily replied: ‘Well actually, I like him.’

‘Well, that doesn’t actually matter because he likes me,’ came Miquita’s retort but the Not Fair singer wasn’t deterred so easily.

She continued: ‘Cue Lily, gets herself to a festival in Japan and seduces him. Seduced him with her wily ways.’

To add insult to injury, Lily then called Miquita the next day to confess the whole thing.

Lily looked a little embarrassed as her friend called her out (Picture: Instagram/BBC Sounds)

They’ve been friends since the 00s (Picture: Richard Young/REX/Shutterstock)

This man could have got between them though after Lily’s actions (Picture: Jon Furniss/WireImage)

‘I have never been that angry with you in my entire life,’ vented the former Popworld host. ‘Did you think that you were sabotaging me in that act?

‘Or were you just getting yours?’

Defending herself, Lily responded: ‘I fancied him, so I was getting mine. By the way, I think pop stars are fair game, like, I don’t care.’

Laughing, Miquita replied: ‘That’s the real answer. That’s the f***ing real answer. If I didn’t hate you so much for it, I would have applauded you. It was admirable.’

She believes pop stars are ‘fair game’ even with friends (Picture: Instagram/BBC Sounds)

Miquita said the whole thing was ruthless (Picture: Instagram/BBC Sounds)

‘I flew to Japan to lock that one in,’ the LDN singer grinned back as her friend dubbed it ‘ruthless’.

Commenters on the BBC Sounds Instagram post began to criticise Lily, calling her a ‘bad friend’ and saying they would not have forgiven her so easily.

The post has since had its comments limited and removed.

Despite the tension, time seems to heal all wounds and the two women can clearly laugh about the incident now, two decades on.

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