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Romesh Ranganathan holds his nerve after picking up cow poo with bare hands-Pierra Willix-Entertainment – Metro

It was for a worthy cause!

Romesh Ranganathan holds his nerve after picking up cow poo with bare hands-Pierra Willix-Entertainment – Metro

Romesh Ranganathan has picked up poo with his bare hands (Picture: BBC/Rumpus Media Ltd)

Romesh Ranganathan has been left slightly disgusted after being asked to pick up cow poo with his bare hands.

The comedian, 46, is getting out of his comfort zone for the latest season of his The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan series.

This time around he is travelling to three beautiful but not traditionally tourist-friendly destinations in Africa – Uganda, Rwanda and Madagascar.

Although there’s been some incredibly poignant and emotional moments so far, he did also find himself in a slightly unusual situation when being told he was set to make some artwork made out of excrement.

On Wednesday night’s episode of the show, while visiting Rwanda he was tasked with picking up rubbish before a more creative pursuit was presented to him.

Visiting a village, Romesh was shown some artwork that had been made at a local co-operative, with the comedian then told the materials they’d been made of.

He did so when visiting an art co-operative in Rwanda (Picture: BBC/Rumpus Media Ltd)

‘She’s explaining that this is made of wood and the design and colours is all done by hand…and she was saying there is cow poo…’ his guide explained.

‘Wait…this is cow poop?’ Romesh clarified.

After asking why poo was used in the artwork, he was told it was because of its durability and it helped ‘stick the best’.

Speaking to the camera, Romesh explained more about how he’d been told about the pieces of art made there and how they were then sold to tourists.

‘They’ve turned this into an arts hub, and we came down here to have a look and have a chat and now we will be doing some of our own,’ he said.

‘Full disclosure I don’t really, as a rule, like handling and being around in and around s***.’

Romesh and his guide Hyppo showing off the cow poop before it was turned into an art piece (Picture: BBC/Rumpus Media Ltd)

He was then taken to a barn to collect some of the raw material fresh from the source, which he didn’t look too thrilled about, especially after pointing out he was wearing brand new white trainers.

After some gentle encouragement Romesh was eventually convinced to grab some poop with his bare hands just minutes after it had exited the cow.

‘That’s good s***,’ he said after taking a quick sniff.

However, while Romesh said he thought the poo might be ‘malleable’ and not leave much residue, he then held up his hands to camera and the remnants of the excrement was everywhere.

After rolling it into a perfect ball, they started to head back to the studio, however a downpour then left the group needing to shelter in a stranger’s home- s*** in tow.

Showing incredible hospitality, the family allowed them to wait it out, a gesture Romesh said would never happen here.

‘Just imagine if you turned up at someone’s house in the U.K. and you said “sorry to trouble you I am taking this s*** down the road and it’s started raining”. May I wait in your living room? I mean, they are not letting you in,’ he laughed.

After spending some time turning his ball of poo into a spiral artwork Romesh showed off his efforts, leaving the crew in laughter.

The funny moments were far from over though, with Romesh and the crew later being privy to a silverback gorilla’s massive fart while hiking in the mountains.

The comedian will next travel to Madagascar (Picture: BBC/Rumpus Media Ltd)

Elsewhere in the episode, Romesh visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial, which commemorates the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

The remains of over 250,000 people are interred there, with Romesh becoming emotional as he spoke about the stories he discovered about the horrific ways people were killed.

Speaking to his guide, Hyppo, he spoke about seeing his father murdered in front of his eyes when he was just a child.

Reflecting on his travels around the country, Romesh said he’d he ‘incredibly enriching’ experiences during his time there.

The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan is streaming on BBC iPlayer.

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