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Baby Reindeer’s Richard Gadd transforms into cocky antagonist for first film after Netflix hit-Tori Brazier-Entertainment – Metro

The Netflix breakout star’s next release is wildly different.

Baby Reindeer’s Richard Gadd transforms into cocky antagonist for first film after Netflix hit-Tori Brazier-Entertainment – Metro

Actor Richard Gadd’s next project is about to be released, after the success of Baby Reindeer (Picture: AnfanTerrible)

Richard Gadd is back on screens in his next project after Baby Reindeer – and he couldn’t be further from that heartbreaking performance when it comes to his new, arrogant character.

The Netflix breakout star stunned fans around the world with the TV adaptation of his hit one-man play, based on his own real-life account of being stalked as he also recovered from the trauma of sexual assault.

Gadd has been shot into the stratosphere by the wild success of Baby Reindeer, as well as the controversy it’s whipped up with the woman who claims to be the real-life stalker Martha from his mini-series and is now suing Netflix for defamation, privacy and intentional infliction of distress.  

However, his next appearance on our screens is worlds apart both in scope and subject as he stars in new short film, Truth Serum.

Among a British and Irish cast including Olivia Vinall, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Killian Coyle, Danny Ashok and Umi Myers, Gadd is a guest at a housewarming party who ingests a mysterious drug – the titular substance.

When ugly truths start to emerge, chaos reigns and threatens the relationships of old friends.

Gadd found global fame and success with his TV show Baby Reindeer on Netflix (Picture: Ed Miller/Netflix)

In his next role, he’s worlds away from Donny as the cocky Jimmy in short film Truth Serum (Picture: AnfanTerrible)

Truth Serum tells the story of a housewarming gone horribly wrong (Picture: AnfanTerrible)

It’s Gadd’s Jimmy that kicks off the chain of events, making quite an entrance in the film as he swerves up in a loud yellow sports car, only pausing to sniff a line of coke.

Bursting into the party hosted by his friend Matt and his wife Abbie, Jimmy loudly declares: ‘When’s the talent getting here, bro? This party’s f**king dead.’

He then moves straight on to boasting about his sexual prowess and sharing a picture of two women with whom he claims to have had a threesome.

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It’s undoubted that Gadd plays Truth’s Serum’s antagonist, a brash and cocky extrovert – and in complete contrast with his performance as the fictionalised version of himself, Donny Dunn, in Baby Reindeer.

The 35-year-old remains a captivating force onscreen with his energy, keeping an audience engaged with his character even when there’s very little to like or sympathise with.

Host Abbie (Olivia Vinall) frets before guests arrive… (Picture: AnfanTerrible)

Little knowing that Jimmy will spark a chain reaction of events that no one could have predicted (Picture: AnfanTerrible)

However, Bafta nominated writer Oliver Shuster and director Vika Evdokimenko serve up a juicy twist for Gadd to wrestle with, among others, that involves a shock declaration and a fitting finishing touch for Jimmy’s obnoxious car.

Actor and writer Gadd is expected to be a hot favourite at the Bafta TV Awards and Emmys next year with his raw work in Baby Reindeer.

But it’s nice to see him in a role for a small independent film before that may be something he leaves behind forever.

Gadd proves he can shine away from his self-penned project (Picture: Getty)

Ahead of his launch to stardom this year, Gadd had been working away in TV and making short films for several years, popping up in the likes of Humans, Clique and Outlander.

However, Truth Serum demonstrates that the multi-talented creative can excel even when he’s not writing and producing his own projects, and that there’s more to Gadd than simply Donny.

Truth Serum will be available worldwide to watch via Omeleto on June 27. 

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